Taycan - Register of Interest

Taycan - Register of Interest

Soul, electrified.

The new Taycan.

All-new, innovative and ready for the future. It is characterised by the features that define every Porsche: pure emotion and maximum driving pleasure. 

The Taycan carries a legacy that is reflected by performance.
The latest drive technology ensures that its performance can be repeatedly reproduced: two permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PSMs) catapult the Taycan Turbo S with up to 560kW (761PS) overboost with Launch Control from 0–100km/h in 2.8 seconds. With a standing start performance of 1.2g, it accelerates faster than the force of gravity for the first few metres – making it faster than a skydiver in free fall.

The Taycan combines values such as innovation and tradition in an absolutely unique way – while remaining typically Porsche. With its 800-volt technology, the Taycan represents the future of electric cars. At the same time, in true Porsche fashion, it stands for pure emotion and extreme driving pleasure. This is what makes the Taycan the only true sports car in the segment.  

Demonstration vehicles will arrive in April 2020, with customer vehicles arriving in late 2020.

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